Our Philosophy

Purple Dragon Preschool is a combination of day-care and pre-school.  The foundation of the school lies in the belief that every child is unique that must grow and develop at his own pace through intellectual stimulation and social interaction.


Our mission is to teach each child to value himself and those around him, to be proud of his accomplishments, to appreciate work materials and toys, to apply his reasoning powers, to excercise self-control, and encourage imagination through the use of puppets, music, and art materials.  


Our strategy to accomplish our mission lies in teaching each child discipline and ability to reason by solving problems.  

Discipline methods of the school emphasize discussion, time-out, and redirection.  Our school and staff hold the belief that harsh words and punishment are not necessary to teach children discipline; that is, a hug and a smile go farther than punishment.  

Our Story
purple dragon.png

Once upon a time, in a lovely enchanted forest, a baby dragon was born.  He was a beautiful little dragon.  His tail was just the right length, he had the right number of points on his back and he breathed a fierce and fiery breath.  Everyone agreed he was going to be a fierce and mighty dragon... except for on thing... HE WAS PURPLE!  His father shook his head and said, "tut-tut" when he was him.  His relatives whispered omniously.  His poor mother sighed and began to look for a cure for his purple ness.


She took him to a chameleon who suggested that he be dyed green  The little dragon looked fine for a while but the dye soon wore and he became green with purple spots.  His mother fretted and finally marched him off to a snake who suggested that they might peel the purple skin off.. This was very painful and the little dragon's mother gace up the idea of love for her baby dragon.  An elderly turtle sugested kindly that a green coat might be made to cover the purple ness.  All the aunts and grandmothers worked for days and days and days.  At last the coat was finished.  He looked fine, a true green dragon.  But he couldn't play.  Every time he ran through the forest, the coat caught on a branch and tore.  Very soon, despite all his mother's admonishments and all his own good intentions, the coat was in rags.  


The little purple dragon was heartbroken.  He walked along with downcast eyes and drooping tail.  His mother was beside herself.  It seemed that nothing could be done about her son's purple ness.  One day a wise owl saw the sad little dragon and his mother walking alone in the woods.  He suggested they go visit the Wise Woman of the Woods.  Reluctantly, the mother and son slowly walked into the woods to visit with the Wise Woman.  


As they approached her house the little dragon hung back.   He didn't want any more "cures" but when the Wise Woman of the Woods saw him her eyes lit up and her little feet did a jig.  " A PURPLE DRAGON!!! How wonderful!" She rushed up and hugged the surprised little dragon.  "We came to ask for help." said the mother. "Help?  Help?  Help for what?" The Wise Woman was puzzled.


"Help for his purple ness.  He is purple... very, very purple.  He is not green like the other little dragons." 

"But he is shaped like a perfect dragon" said the woman, and "He breathes like a dragon.  What has being purple got to do with it?"  The dragon's mother was quiet.  "Why your purple dragon is just as worthy as all of the other dragons."  The wise woman continued.  "Please leave your little one with me for a few days so I can teach him that everyone is special in some way."


Over the years the little dragon grew into a strong, handsome dragon.  He was wise and kind and a great leader among other dragons.  To this day, he dedicates himself to all little people in all the enchanted forests of the world.  He helps each one grow to be proud of himself and to be kind and helpful to his neighbors.  He also helps the parents understnad the beauty of their children, and to appreciate their child's uniqueness.