Learning Through Play+

Children enjoy free play and structured play - providing many learning experiences.

We work to provide an excellent environment in which children can build the skills they need in order to meet or exceed their age appropriate developmental milestones. 

Building Global Awareness

Our learning objectives help students become globally aware, to realize that they're part of an interconnected society, and to learn how to navigate and ultimately succeed in it.

Some key learning objectives:

*Multicultural Competence

*Social Studies & Arts


*Early Civilizations & Geography

*Problem Solving & Leadership

Nurturing Creativity

Young children have a great capacity for creativity that thrives when it is nurtured. 

We engage in mixed media art, creative thinking, building, design and invention, story telling, dance, imaginative play, music and more every day. 

Developing Social Success

We stress the importance of manners, treating others and one's self with respect while encouraging positive interactions aiming to build a foundation for social success well past preschool years.

Some key learning objectives:

*Proper Etiquette

*Respect for Self & Others

*Leadership Skills

In order to encourage:

Honesty, Kindness, Empathy, 

Creativity, Courage, Confidence, Self-esteem & Generosity+ 

Encouraging Good Eating Habits

Encouraging good eating habits at a young age is crucial to social success, academic achievement and overall health.

Our nutrition program is recommended by the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City.

Each child receives one morning & afternoon snack as well as a five course lunch with fresh fruits and vegetables.

(included in tuition)


Our produce is hand selected and bought weekly at the market.

Every day we explore new foods that correspond to our letter sound of the week! 

(i.e. Brie Cheese & Blueberries on "B" week)

Exploring Science

Children are given daily opportunities to explore and learn about  the world around them.

Some key learning objectives:


*Animal Behavior & Psychology 

*Cause & Effect

*Ecosystems & Biology


*Inventions & Discoveries

*Space & Time

Foreign Language Classes Included 

Music, Sciences & Arts Activities Included

Advanced Reading & Math Activities Included

Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Snack Included

Children's Self-Defense & Martial Arts program available weekly. (optional)